VApril arrives in the UK - But what is it?

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We are a little over a week into #Vapril. So what is it all about?

#VApril has been organised by the UKVIA (UK Vaping Industry Association) to  encourage current smokers to put down their cigarettes between the 1st - 30th April and to give vaping a try.

no_to_smokingIn essence, smoking is an addiction. I can vouch for that as I have an addiction to nicotine myself. It's is an incredibly powerful addiction which is difficult to kick, and one which may be difficult to understand for those who have never smoked.

Vaping is designed to give an alternative method of nicotine delivery to the body to traditional cigarettes. Most people in the UK will have heard about vaping by now, but there is still a large number of people who have misconceptions about it and specifically about its benefits to smokers.

Public Health England (a government organisation) have announced that vaping is at least 95% less harmful than smoking... and I can only think that's a good thing!, a website created to help spread the word about #VApril has more information on how you can get involved with the challenge and how you can sign up.

For now however, lets take a quick snap look at some the UK Vaping Facts:


There has been a steep rise in support of vaping from a number of health organisations and the medical industry. This is great news for smokers who are looking to kick the habit and long may it continue. VApril is being supported by Dr. Christian Jessen, a well known Dr that many of us will have seen on TV.

Here's what he has to say from the website:

“According to a recent report by Public Health England (PHE), e-cigarettes may be contributing to at least 20,000 successful new quits per year – with the industry estimating this figure to be much higher. And there are already some 1.5m vapers in the UK who have quit smoking altogether.

But as a doctor it’s disappointing to hear that an estimated 40% of smokers still haven’t even tried vaping.

VApril is all about changing this picture by helping more cigarette users to make a successful and permanent switchover.

I’m delighted to be joining forces with the UK Vaping Industry Association to launch VApril, the UK’s first ever vaping education and awareness campaign. I personally believe vaping has overwhelming potential to help smokers break their habit, and this is important because stopping smoking is the single most significant step that people can make to improve their health. Vaping is backed by PHE who say electronic cigarettes are 95% safer than smoking.

It’s very simple: put down cigarettes for a month, take the VApril Challenge and give yourself the best chance of quitting smoking for good.”

We think VApril is a great initiative to encourage people to put down cigarettes for good! In support of the VApril Challenge, we currently have 15% off all orders with discount code IGNITE15

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And good luck to all those taking part this month in the VApril Challenge!

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